I Liked My Kid A Lot More Before Facebook

Indeed!  My son, R1, was not allowed to get connected until 8th grade graduation.  Upon graduation, he received his first cell phone and created his MySpace and Facebook pages. Life with him has been downhill ever since.

The Cell Phone:

In exactly 16 months he has been through 6 phones like this:

  1. Verizon Envy: Cannot swim with it!
  2. Mom’s old Verizon LG : Cannot ride roller coasters
  3. Cousin Mike’s old phone: Stolen, first week of high school
  4. Dad’s old Palm Treo: Cannot wrestle cousin with Treo in pocket
  5. Verizon EnvyII: Got caught in rain on beach
  6. Insurance Re furbished Verizon Envy II: Survived another rainfall , but failed on power cord

I believe the universe is trying to tell him something here!

He has been without a phone for about a month and he is different. He has more patience with his brothers, he is downright jovial, helpful around the house and over all present. I am really considering not getting him a new phone for his upcoming 16th birthday. I am enjoying him so much right now, I want to bottle up the time.

Facebook and My Space:

Suddenly, my child disappeared, besides the constant nagging to unlock the computer. He needs to update!

My Space was too raunchy for me, I didn’t shut  his page down but the popularity of facebook eventually made it null and void. He rarely updates or visits it to my knowledge.

Facebook is one of my guilty pleasures except when I have to see his updates which are barely decipherable. Not only all of the shortened texting words but words which have no short version are usually spelled wrong and this acts like nails on a chalkboard for me. I spent a lot of money on 9 years of his education; he should be able to spell!

He also thought facebook was a way to explore, use and exploit  curse words; another form of status update torture for me. I would be working, see his updates pop up on my screen and it sent my blood pressure through the roof. It was making me very unhappy and him as well since I was all “up in his business.”

The solution which made both of us happy was for me to “hide” his updates. This worked beautifully until I started using TweetDeck which doesn’t pick up on my hide option. His status updates have gotten more mature, I sometimes have to call him out on an update but that is what parenting a teen is all about- making minor adjustments along the way.

Have you seen an attitude shift in your kids since they became connected? I would love to hear your comments and how you manage the online/phone time in your family.


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