13.1 Miles Is A Long Way

allsix of usThe Real Wives of the Battleship Half Marathon.  Six women trying to get away for a Halloween weekend was no small feat.  Costumes were prepared, candy bought, husbands, parents and neighbors were called in for back up support and we were on our way.

First Up On the drive, I realized I forgot my ipod. Next to shoes, that was the most important thing since I spent so much time compiling my run list. My husband was shocked I had forgotten it since I did remember the kitchen sink. (truth be told, my suitcase was too heavy for me to carry upstairs and stayed in the living room all weekend) He is supportive and all, but did not even consider driving my ipod down to me.

We picked up our race packets and drove the course. That was both good and bad depending on if you like to know what’s coming or be surprised. It seemed relatively flat other than the bridges and a few hills in between. The weather was forecast to be 50 at wake up time. Perfect running temperature.

Arlie HouseWe arrived at our most adorable house on Airlie Street across from the FishHouse in Wrightsville Beach. The house was a-maz-ing.We went out to eat at The Bridge Tender and had a couple of glasses of wine “to sleep better.”  During training, we had given up many Friday nights to be able to run at 6am on Saturday mornings, this would be our last night to refrain from more than one glass of wine and go to bed early.

Second Up Race day arrives, open the front door and in swoops some heavy, hot air-not even close to 50.  It’s November 1st!  There is some serious runner grumblings going on about the weather.  But we all do our own individual routines of coffee, bananas, cinnamon toast, Chocolate Teddy Grahams, Body Glide, Anti-Bacterial wipes, peeing and pooping. We must stick to our normal routine as much as possible.

We line up and begin the race. In the words of my friend, Jim, “13.1 miles is a long way,” indeed Jim, indeed.

Hard Core Realization This is a mental game and you are on your own. Our bodies are  prepared. We are strong. Our minds have to be in the game for 13.1 miles. And this is where the Real Housewives separate. You came in the the world alone and you will run 13.1 alone.

slow signMy Run It was hard. Almost as hard as my 1st half in Nashville. Mile 7 is where I was starting to lose my mental game so naturally I went  to my borrowed ipod with similar music to my own for company. Instead of overcoming the pain by the company of music, it worsened the frustration. The ipod was on repeat of Womanizer, by Brit. I like the song once, it’s even on my playlist, but 4 times was too much for even the biggest Brit fan. I managed to change the music and then it was stuck on Welcome to the Jungle (you’re gonna die, UH) by Guns & Roses. I couldn’t die on the ipod hill so I disconnected and was alone once again, me and my 13.1.

battleshipTshirtI finished, it wasn’t pretty or meet my goal time but I did it. Three days later, I can say I’d do another one. A flat one. A cool one. One with good friends.

Your Story Tell me your story, the good bad & ugly!


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Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Congratulations Anj! The heat is a major variable in any race/run. I even think 50 is too hot. Enjoying and finishing is really what it is all about. Glad you had a good experience.

    • I guess the heat is a major variable. My first 1/2 was unusually hot and it was 81 in Wilmington that day. We had a great time; it’s all about the event. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on finishing!

  3. Who are those hot housewives? Loved the way you summed up the race. 13.1 miles is a long way! Nothing like greasy Dominoes afterward.

    • Dominoes after 4 Alleve, after running? PUKE! I remembered the wipes but forgot all the pill popping that was going on during race preparations!

  4. jassnight-what is a good temp for a race? I know 81 was not it!

    bootenan-the hot housewifes have plenty of pictures to prove it-darn I wish there was a pic of white top girl!!!

    The race for some-well ME- is 100% mental! I did my best in the week prior to get in the zone and felt I had reached that place by race day-or at least the day prior to race day. Getting out of my head is always an issue for me, and on game day-I struggled with this.

    There are many faces to a race….here are some I encountered.
    let’s knock this out face
    i can do this face
    heavy breathing face
    stop every so often go off course to “fix” something face
    sprint ahead only to stop right in front of me face
    smiling grandma face
    tag you’re it-i’m done face
    i’m gonna pass out face
    cramping face
    i’ve done this before, i’ll do it again face
    what do you mean there’s no more water face
    let’s jump in the dune bugy face
    you’re doing great face
    afraid of the bridge face
    i flew to n.c. for THIS face (probably my favorite)
    i finished face!

    In the end I wish I’d taken full advantage of my friend Chip’s advise and “run my own race” from the beginning, but I finished and I’m ready for more!

    13.1 miles is a long way!

    • thillbilly, love your comment post about the many faces we saw! Here are a few more:

      I just ate Dominoes face

      The anti-bacterial wash is burning my face

      Is this the right way face

      Is that the same fan I saw 4 miles back face

      Are those real face

      Do we have to get on the highway ramp face

      Where is the that damn boat face

      thanks for your comments!

  5. Thillbilly, I like em cold! I qualified for Boston in 40 degree temps – that is perfect for me. I just got in from a 4 miler in 36 degrees and I was flying with a 7.47 pace and it was easy. I run the Boilermaker (Utica, NY) every year and it is a gruesome 80+ every year there (July.) I die on that one. My ability is directly connected to the temperature. Hydration is key for me in the heat.

    My hat is off to you Anj for running 13.1 in heat like that.

  6. Anj-
    are those real face was awe inspiring

    Is that the same fan I saw 4 miles back face was my hero-not sure who he was cheering on, but I claimed him!

    dominoes face and anit-bacterial face were just just BAD ideas!

    jassnight- some like it hot, some like it cold! I’m with you on the cold-the colder the better for me, unfortunately my current residence doesn’t always bring me those breaks and it was a hot and humid 13.1!

  7. Real Housewives – you crack me up!
    Loved reliving the morning through your blog, but not the race! It was worth all the laughs, keep blogging!

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