A Facebook Love Affair

Facebook copyMy #1 reason why I love facebook:

The Power

The power to spread universal  joy, friendship, laughter, sympathy, acceptance, encouragement, love, love, and more love. I was honored to be on the receiving end of such love last week.

CaptureI was overwhelmed by the response to my plea for help! It filled me up beyond. Remarkably, at least half of these facebook friends I have not laid eyes on in almost 25 years.

So this post is really to thank all of the people who responded to my plea, sent me personal messages and called me. THANK YOU for making me feel like I can do it.  And I apologize you received 42 notifications!


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. As a commentee I more than welcomed the 42 notifications as they supported someone I BELIEVE in-YOU! It was great to share in the love of people I know well to people I have and probably never will meet! Plus another joy of fb-I felt the love too as I had 42 notificaitons! You go girl!

  2. My kids don’t get this, although they have Facebook accounts. They keep saying things like “mom, what are you doing on here?” I may have to point them to your blog next time they ask.

    • Kids don’t get it yet! In my opinion, they are collecting friends, posting pictures and finding out what’s going on for the weekend. And that’s ok, they’re kids! They will get it some day!

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