What is Twitter?

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Twitter is the “What’s on your mind?” of facebook.

Twitter asks, “What are you doing?”


Your post can only be 140 characters so get to the point.

This is my Twitter home page. I am following 296 people and have 199 followers. In  my opinion, these numbers are not important, neither of them. (they’re not important but I have to admit I’m impressed by the ones who have 20,000+ followers, just sayin)

I am following people I know personally which totals 4, and the other 292 people are social media enthusiasts, news organizations, products I like, companies where I’d like to work, moms, runners and bloggers whose sites I like to read.


Here is my news feed, similar to facebook’s live news feed.

The latest tweet is a link to an article about unemployment and social media, both of interest to me.

The next post is a local guy that is a part of the Social Media Club I joined and he is a hockey fanatic and tweets like mad.

It is no surprise I follow Firefly, they sometimes post recipes which is vital information! This post is a picture of firefly in NY.

People tweet about all kinds of stuff mostly trying to drive traffic to their websites and building their own personal brand.  Simply stated, self promotion.

I’ll continue to peel back the Twitter layers and keep you posted.  Are you thinking about Twittering? If you currently  have an account, how are you using it?



About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. trying, but still just don’t “get” twitter-maybe I’ll join and watch a while.

  2. I love Twitter and my kids think I am a freak for it!

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