Twitter 102

Once you create your profile, you need to start “listening” as all social media “experts” will advise you. Listen and watch the conversation to learn the how tweeple communicate.

Who are you going to listen to?

Follow me at @Anj121.  The search tool within Twitter is not very good. I suggest using to search people and subjects. Find someone you like and look through their list of who they’re following to find more people to follow.

Now that you are following a few people, lets examine the right hand column of your twitter home page.

At the top is my @ name and how many tweets I’ve ever sent. Click on my profile picture and that will take you to my public profile page.


The “listed” is how many lists I’ve been put on by other people. This is the newest Twitter feature to come out. Lists are a way to group and sort your followers.

Twitter Speak

Trendistic is an example of a Twitter application website. This sections features a different Twitter app evertime you log in. Tweeple are constantly making up new twords and developers are creating useful apps!


This is where you can see where other people have “mentioned” you in their twitter feed.


This is a list of your favorite tweets. I have not favorited any tweets.


These are the lists I’ve created of my followers.

Trending Topics

This is a list of the most popular topics that are trending right now, in real time. I recommend TweetMeme for a more comprehensive list of trending topics.

RSS Feed

This is where you can add your twitter feed to  your Google Reader or what ever reader you prefer. The feed will update as new content is added. I use Google Reader to keep up with Blogs I like to read.

Twitter 103 will discuss the tools I use to manage my accounts that really make Twitter more fun.


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Great job, Anj! I have a twitter blog on lists that is coming out of my mind soon.

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