Give More Presence and Less Presents

During this Christmas Season, I want to share this video with you. I have watched it now at least 5 times and am wondering, “How Can I Do This” without causing extreme disappointment in my three kids? I wish I had the guts to give more presence and spend less on presents.

How could you cut back on your kids’ presents and give them more presence? Looking for real ideas here, leave a comment!


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  1. Inspirational, and so what this world needs right now. I have a real hard time when I am ‘out’ and seeing all the commercial distraction that distorts the true meaning of Christmas.

    Christmas is Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Connection.

    Let’s teach our children the true meaning. Let’s get back to where we belong.

    Thanks so much for this Anj.

  2. Anj! This video is fantastic. I am going to make all of my kids watch it.

    I have done the give the kids less thing. They dislike it the first year. Then, they grow use to it. It is much easier if they are older.

    There are those among us who have so little. We must, if at all possible, help them to have something as oppose to us having more.

  3. Thanks for sharing this-perfect! We have over the last couple years lessened the amount of stuff we have given our children. This year it will be a necessity to reduce-having my oldest away at College-I cherish the times when we are all together. Most recently, over Thanksgiving-we dedicated a day to spending time to together. Our version included Mass, lunch, getting the Christmas tree, a ping pong tournament, and trimming the tree. My plan this year is for the entire family to participate in our Church’s gift giving mission, offer our family babysitting services to our neighbor as a “gift”, make some gifts (as a family) and choose to do things for family members as their “gift”. Thanks Anj for putting this out there and getting the ball rolling!

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