The Doldrums of Toys R Us

As much as I would love to Give More Presence and Less Presents, I have kids. I have to buy toys for Christmas and there aren’t any good toys left to buy.  Having my R boys over a span of 10 years, I feel like I have traveled all toy roads. There’s not much new that makes me want to come off my wallet.  I feel for the littlest guy; it’s all hand me down toys for him- Thomas the Tank Engine,  Rokenbok, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Remote Control planes trains & automobiles, castles, board games, electronic games etc.  Poor R3 has been left with all the sloppy seconds and a mother who can’t find new, fun toys to buy.

I thought I might find some interesting toys online during Black Monday.  I was ready. I was following #blackmonday on Twitter and the latest and greatest deals on Amazon. I wanted to buy, I wanted to get a start on my shopping but I was paralyzed by boredom.

I felt a Toys R Us extravaganza quickly approaching. Not one of my friends would even consider going with me; I was on my own. I was quickly reaffirmed in my assertion that there aren’t any good toys left to buy:

Power Rangers?  Really? Are they still on tv? As all well intentioned first time moms would do, I listened to the media hoopla and never let R1 watch Power Rangers for fear of the violence he would inflict on the neighborhood kids. Then, a friend gave me a stack of Power Ranger VHS tapes. On one desperate 100+ degree summer day, I let R2 watch them. So far, the neighborhood has survived and there have been no latent signs of violence.

Pokemon? I don’t even want to try to recall how many years of Pokemon I had to endure first with R1 then R2. Pokemon has some super voodoo brain washing power over boys. I thought R2 was going to need rehab to break the obsession.  All Pokemon paraphernalia have been recently released from the premises, which included beanie babies, cards, toys, books, puzzles and games to another soon to be suffering mom.  In good conscious, I could not let R3 succumb to Pokemon.

As I suffered through the “boy aisles” I routinely purchased another $5 gift pack of HotWheels, which have had the same price since I started buying them at least 14 years ago and are always in a stocking. I bought 2 more Nerf guns to add to the growing arsenal in my garage for games of cops & robbers.  Connect 4 for a second time, another Hot Wheels race track and the best buy of all Legos at  buy one, get one 50% off to add to the millions they already  have. That is a good deal! Ok, so Big R bursted my bubble and said, “That’s really only 25% off of each.” Whatev.

Our family needs fresh shoppers. Big R has stepped in and found something we have never owned: Marshmallow Launcher I think it will be a big hit.


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Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Oldest 2 boys were Power Rangers restricted….son number 3-had every Power Ranger item you could purchase-2 or 3 years as one at Halloween-I was just too tired! Love the marshmallow launcher!

  2. If you like the marshmallow launcher, look for a potato gun as well. LOL!

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