I Hate Treadmills and I Hate Running in the Cold

The title of this post has to be credited to my new friend Tom C. of Daily Mile fame and fan of Raleigh Runners. Tis  the season of occasionally needing to depend on a treadmill to keep up the miles. A big part of getting in the zone for me is being outside. A little person, in the enormous universe trying to get her run on. I feel powerless and  powerful, insignificant and significant at the same time. It’s either a runners high or a runners trip!

Here is what I do to get through treadmill runs:

  • Have a play list of new songs or songs I haven’t listened to in a long time
  • Choose a treadmill in between a couple of dudes to inspire my competitive spirit and imagine I’m kicking their asses
  • Challenge myself with speed and hill workouts
  • Use the preset built in workouts
  • Repeat over and over, “A treadmill run is better than no run, A treadmill run is better than no run…

How do you beat the boredom of the treadmill?


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Sometimes I’m lucky to completely space out for half of it. Sometimes…

  2. I hate the treadmill as well. Here I am, qualified and committed to run the Boston in April and the first few weeks of training here in the middle of NY State has been dismal. I just got in from a run when it was 19 degrees out. The snow is piled so high, the roads (shoulders) are impassable. This is going to be tough. My very last LAST resort however is the treadmill. Like you Anj, I run outdoors not just for the run, but the phycho/social/spiritual benefits. That is so important to me. When the weather is cooperative, I must say that a winter run is the most beautiful thing ever, but it has been a mess here since Christmas.

    The treadmill has a huge caveat in that it aids in the kick off. It is a poor workout in general. If I am going to get over those Newton hills in Boston, I need to avoid the treadmill at all costs.

    Do you have snow down there as well?

  3. I have to give credit where credit is due and quite honestly, I owe my current running to the treadmill. My re-entry into the fitness world is due 100% to the dreaded treadmill! A treadmill handed down to me by none other than Anj. That treadmill used EVERY SINGLE day for about a year has brought me to the place I am today.

    The place I am today is one where I would rather battle the 20 degree, 100 degree, rainy, snowy, humid, windy weather than run on a treadmill.

    But if I find myself having to rely on my old friend the treadmill-I simply must play games with myself to complete the run. I too mix up my music, change the settings on the treadmill, but the thing that usually works for me is setting the treadmill at a pace that is faster than is comfortable for me. I have NO choice but to be focused on simply staying on the thing-I can’t think too hard about how I would rather be outside.

    To run outside is to be at one time a part of something greater than yourself and at the same time lost to the world.

  4. I truly try not to run on a treadmill. I even have an indoor running DVD that I can use on the floor, running around the house – sucks but when the wind chills are below zero for several days what can you do?

    I joined a gym in October to be able to sustain my running indoors if necessary. I think that membership is about to go by the wayside as I truly avoid there at all costs. I have weights here. I can run on the roads.

    • Nicki, if you are “running around the house,” you truly are a treadmill hater!

      • Seriously, Anjanette. I will go to the local middle school and run loops inside with the 7th & 8th graders before I will get on the treadmill. That is definitely bad!

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