Clearly, She’s a New Yorker and I’m a Midwesterner

I’m a Midwestern girl, through and through and I like to think its part of my charm. Three of my besties are from New York; one from upstate and 2 from Long Island. There are integral differences between us and one became very clear today.

Long run Saturday began at a frigid 20 degrees, lucky for me, the upstate friend was out of town which meant the run could be postponed until it got a little warmer.  My other Long Island running partner was available so we planned to go out when the temperature reached at least 25. We have our temperature limits although the bar is getting lower and lower; I used to not go out if it was below 40 degrees.

As we were approaching the 1 mile mark, we were hot and needed to shed layers. My partner pitched her scarf behind a bush and I took off my jacket, picked up her scarf  and placed them on a brick wall at the entrance of my neighborhood.

Long Islander: “Do you think someone will take them?”

Midwesterner: “No! And if they do, they need these smelly, boogery (her scarf, not my coat)clothes more than we do.”

Long Islander: “You’re right.”

Well, you can probably guess what we didn’t find on our run back. Apparently, someone needed those clothes more than we did and I hope they stayed warm, albeit smelly & gross, but at least warm.


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. The upstater has a bit of midwesterner in her. If I had thought “would someone take them”, it would have been followed by “well if they do-they probably need it more than I do”!

  2. A good attitude to have. I hope the gear (Jacket) was not one of those high-tech running jackets. They can go for well over $100. This happens quite often unfortunately.

    Interesting that you have similar temps than us up in central NY State. I ran in 14 miles in 15 degree weather today. It was just the last mile or two that it was difficult (couldn’t feel my face anymore.) I would kill for 40 degree weather to run in right now 😉

    Happy running!

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