Running Up Hill

As I was approaching my big hill this morning, I spotted a cell phone tower technician on the tower. He wasn’t in the bucket but standing on the rim of the bucket. I could not bear to see him come tumbling down to his death. The scene was similar to the car accident that you can’t help but look at or the really bad reality television (Jersey Shore, anyone?) that you can’t help watch.

My hill was upon me, I looked down at the road, pumped  my arms and ran as fast as I could past the tower never looking up or back. Running forces me to focus, concentrate, block out negative thoughts, emotions, people and situations.

Running up hill is like any other life challenge you experience. You have to face it head on and get your entire being working toward the top. The rewards are great.

How do you run your hill?

Running Changes Everything


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. I have never backed away from a hill yet. I attack it and never look back. I will never regret ever climbing a hill. Always look forward. What is behind you is not important.

    Run strong Anj!

  2. I am on hills almost all the time. Very few flat spots where I live and run so I find flats hard to take on.

    Hills, I just go! I may think to myself, what was I thinking, but I just go up that hill.

  3. short steep hills are my favorite-I book right on up them with all I’ve got! longer gradual hills are where I simply must put the work it-I have to focus and think to myself-this will be behind me soon.

  4. and btw-could not agree more with the Jersey Shore comment!

  5. I hit a hill yesterday, in my “long” run, that was more than I had thought it was and in a hard spot – about half way on a 9.54 mile run. I thought about this post and you the whole way up the road, Anj!

    • So glad I could help you get up the hill! And you are logging some long runs! Are you heading to Boston with jassnight?

      • No. I have, though, set up a race a month starting in March. I was toying with Myrtle Beach in Feb but don’t think I will be ready.

  6. Nicki,
    No worries on Myrtle Beach….it’s sold out. I was thinking about doing it too! We could have had our own Half- tweetup!

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