Running Competitively

I ran the most miles I have ever run in one week.

For no apparent reason.

I am not signed up for any races.

I am not trying to lose anymore weight than the usual 10.

So why? I feel like I’m getting close to being the girl who will pee on herself to keep from interrupting a run. I am not there yet. I repeat, I am NOT there yet!

I am a goal oriented person so to be logging this many miles for no reason feels odd.

I have been reading several running blogs lately and realize it is a competitive sport. Thus far, I have not run to compete with anyone but myself. Recently, while looking for a picture, I  found this race bib and it reminded of this race.

It was the first Susan Hoying Memorial 5K. Mrs. Hoying was R2’s beloved Kindergarten teacher who had passed the year before. Being a Catholic school teacher for 20+ years, the inaugural race was appropriately held on a beautiful fall and crisp, All Saints Day. The race was hilly and hard but my race partner and I were having a good time for a good cause. What we didn’t expect was to be winners in our respective age groups. We both placed first in our age groups beating out like two other runners! It was fun to accept our prizes among family, friends and familiar faces but I never gave competition another thought.

I am in the best running shape of my life. I can run 12 miles and still walk the next day. It’s time to decide on my next half and work on improving my times.

Are you competitive? What races are you training for? Do you follow a plan to help improve your times?


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. I don’t think I realized how competitive I was until I ran my first 5k… I just planned to do one, just to say I did it, and got completely sucked in!

    I’m contemplating following a plan for a 10-mile race I want to do later in the year- but I’m afraid I’ll just naturally want to rebel against it!

    • Amy, your blog is an enjoyable read! I followed a Nike+ plan for my first half in Nashville last year pretty closely but without all the intervals & speed work. I was concentrating on finishing more than time. I agree, the plans have to simple!

  2. I mainly run for personal gain although I have placed in my age group many times. With training for the Boston Marathon, I am right back in the thick of it. Boston has been my dream. Now that I have qualified, registered, and reserved my room for the weekend, the tough work begins. Winter marathon training is difficult in the north east but I am finding that swim training is helpful to replace biking as my cross training.

    Bottom line – I run for me.

  3. Miki's Roommate

    So, uh, what are you running from, anyway?

    Just kidding, ya know. You’re making me feel guilty…

  4. Anj – I laid out my running plans/goals for the year in a guest post that will appear on Friday at

    I was never a runner. I would never call myself a runner. That turned 180 degrees when I went as support to a marathon this past fall.

  5. Thanks Anj. Unfortunately I am injured already with a badly bruised right heel. I will back my 10 down to an 8 tomorrow in hopes to be healed by Sunday’s 18 miler.

  6. I run/compete with myself….that being said-I like to kick it in at the end of each run as if I were racing. I like goals, I like challenges-until recently the challenge has simply been the mileage. Since I may have crossed the line of girl who would pee on herself-I think my goals are changing to faster times-better paces. It is time to research interval training!

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