I Want to be a Real Runner

The shoes make the man, so running shoes must make the girl. I have walked or run in New Balance, Asics and currently Nike. Sadly, my cool Nike+ gadget stopped working about six months ago so I am unattached to Nike.  Having logged over 500 miles and 2 half marathons on my current pair of shoes, it’s time for a new pair of kicks.

Real runners wear Brooks. I tried them on and walked around the store feeling how strange they felt. I talked myself into buying them despite knowing for fairly certain they weren’t going to work for my run style. I went for a treadmill run and began walking to warm up thinking maybe they’ll feel better if I warm up really well. (I’m not good about warm up, cool down or stretching. I don’t have time. I only have time to sweat.)

After pushing through a mile run and starting to freak out over the $100 I spent, I thought it best to get off the treadmill, shine up the shoes and return them as soon as possible! After removing the shoes and letting the shoes return to room temperature, I returned them to Dick’s Sporting Good, thankfully, no questions asked. Back to the drawing board.

I still insisted on graduating from Nike shoes, trying on Asics,  but it was back to my trusty old Nike Pegasus’ for me.

Real runners go to real runner’s stores and  have their gait and natural biomechanics evaluated to help them select the right shoe. I just don’t have time for that. Maybe next time.


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. It is imperative that you get diagnosed. A few year’s back, I had a horrible case of plantar fasciitis after trying several shoes off the rack. I ended up at a Fleet Feet and was diagnosed and given a pair of Mizunos. I have been running in them ever since (not the same pair of course.) No problems since then (with Plantar fasciitis anyway.) Trust me, it is worth the time.

    • Jassnight, qualifying for Boston makes you a real runner no matter what is on your feet! It will probably take an injury or problem to get me to Fleet Feet, it’s not within the 5 mile radius I like to travel in!

  2. Anj – When I started out in 2007, I wore Avias. I had always worn them for other exercising so bought a pair of running shoes. I loved them but the style I loved and felt good in was discontinued. I bought another pair, different style – not at Dick’s but not at a running store either. The second time I wore the new pair I hurt myself. They still sit in my bedroom, in a box for goodwill that is going out by the end of the month. I then was fitted for a pair of Reeboks. I love them. I just bought my third pair last weekend.

    I have tried Brooks and have been at a store where they fit you for running shoes. I can’t wear them. Arch is in the wrong place for my foot.

  3. Mizuno’s for me! Started with NB and they worked for a while until my feet started getting numb and shins were killing me. Went to a friend who works at a running store and got fitted-I was actually purchasing the right type of shoe-they just weren’t working for me anymore. Well worth the trip for me to get the new kicks!

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