Southern Snow

Northerners love to make fun of us living in the South when there is widespread panic at the chance of snow. I understand, I am from Ohio and snow is an inevitable and uneventful component of winter.

Snow in Raleigh NC is not so natural. Over the past 20+ years I have lived here, it seems to be snowing more frequently. It snows and sticks about every other year. When I first moved here,  I basked in several years of snowless winters and 50 degree average daytime temperatures. I remember the first year of  accumulation and the city didn’t even own salt trucks. The city was literally shut down until it melted.

In 2000, the meterologists didn’t predict 20 inches of snowfall which again shut the city down and left many people with out power. How tragic it was to have so much snow and not a single sled or snow shovel!

School is canceled before even a flake falls. Five years ago was the Half Inch of Snow that Paralyzed Raleigh. The headline is misleading to shock Northerners no doubt, but it was ice and not snow. This bizarre event happened during the day while kids were at school.  There were thousands of  cars stuck on the roads and kids stranded at schools. Many children even had to spend the night at school because parents couldn’t pick them up.

Throw in the hurricanes we’ve had over the past 20 years and Northerners might be able to understand the panic we Raleighites feel at the mention of snow. If you have ever been with out power for a week, you get it.

Here are my personal preparations for the threat of  hurricanes and snow:

  1. Do all laundry, vacuum and run the dishwasher
  2. have an extra can of propane for the grill
  3. shop for groceries, beer and wine
  4. have cars gassed
  5. have cash
  6. have all supplies needed for home projects
  7. candles, flashlights
  8. library books

There is nothing like snow in Raleigh. It’s fun, the kids love it, it’s a good excuse to not leave the house and it is usually gone by the next day!


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Good to prep for snow and hurricanes. I live in the North and I think you have gotten more snow than we have.

    I prep, too. Loss of power here means my pump doesn’t work and no water. I fill the bathtub the night before if we are forecast for something drastic so I can flush the toilet at least. There have been snowstorms where I have had to boil snow for water as the power has been out that long.

    I had to laugh as my daughter’s best friend from high school lives and teaches in NC. She is constantly talking about the delays and cancellations done the night before – something we seldom see up north.

  2. That snowstorm in 2000 saved my bacon here in Raleigh.

    I actually caved at the last minute in 1999 and purchased a Y2K generator to power our gas furnace blower on the theory heat in the winter was more important than air conditioners in the summer.

    Naturally I was subject to ridicule by all who heard of my insanity!

    Then came the MOTHER OF ALL SNOWSTORMS. No power for seven days! Ice so thick we did not even think to drive out of our neighborhood or even walk unless absolutely necessary.

    No problemo at Hacienda HandyGuy!

    We cranked up the gas furnace to Redline at incinerate, warmed up the bathroom to sauna level temperatures and everyone got a shower every day! We had a few hours of TV, a working microwave, computer connection to the Internet and general domestic bliss.

    No one complained when I tested the (same) generator a few days ago to prepare for this storm.

    But before the BIG STORM -as Wellington said at the Battle of Waterloo: “For a short period, it was something of a close call!”

    Cheers, TJK

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