Manage your Media with TweetDeck

There are so many media tools that it can get overwhelming especially if you have a day job and don’t have endless hours to explore the world wide web. Enter my unemployed self to help guide you through the web!

My #1 go to desktop application is Tweet Deck The beauty of  this app is that you can follow and update several sites at the same time. From TweetDeck you can update your

Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Linked In and My Space accounts all at the same time or individually. But wait! There’s more behind TweetDeck!

  1. On my screen shot above  in column 1 is my Twitter feed; column 2 is my facebook; column 3 shows anytime someone “mentions” @anj121 on twitter; column 4 is direct messages or DM; and columns 5 and 6 are search columns in which I am searching for anyone who mentions #runners and #catholics posts.

Twitter Search Feature

This is useful for a few reasons. When I first started using Twitter, I was interested in what people and businesses in Raleigh were talking about.  Adding a #search column allows you to monitor the conversations that are going in with people who either add the #Raleigh hashtag at the end of their post or include the word “Raleigh” in their post.

Another great use of the search tool is the ability to follow conversations of an event. For example, I attended the conference, Social Media Business Forum. The organizers created the hashtag #smbf and anyone could follow the tweets and get real time information of what was going on at the conference. For people who are in attendance, it is a way to be in more than one conference room at the same time. I have followed conferences I wasn’t at and learned a lot.

How are you managing your media?


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. You are fantastic, Anj! Thanks!!!

  2. I need tweetdeck lessons-I’m a twitter failure!

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