Organizing Social


I always go to my igoogle page first. Always. Looking at this athlete first thing in the morning  inspires me to get moving! I have several sites such as Huffington, CNN, a few blogs, You Tube, my Google Calendar,  that automatically load here and I check my Gmail.

Google is becoming more social but I am not active on it except Chat and just starting messing with Buzz. I wish I had more friends on Buzz, so if  you’re on, find me!


Next I open Tweet Deck which I am huge fan of. I check for any directs or mentions and try to respond. Next I run through the lastest tweets find information I’m interested in, click and add to my Google Reader for later reference.


Then I wander over to Facebook to catch up the lives of my friends, I don’t want to miss anything that may have happened over night! I am using this site for IRL (in real life) friends. All of my facebook friends have been friends of mine at some point in my life dating back to grade school at St. Marys to 2010. What an amazing collection of people I have gathered along my journey of life! I have found a lot of friends from high school as we look forward to our, a-hem, 25th reunion. There are friends from previous jobs, my church, my kids’ schools, neighbors, my family, my husband’s family and lots of cousins.


I love Twitter more and more. The more I use it, the more I love it. But my “audience” here is very different from Facebook. My  favorite people on Twitter are super smart, local,  social media marketing types, bloggers, runners,  news and anyone I know personally. I only have 3 people from my facebook  that I follow on Twitter  so it’s easy for me to keep the two groups separate. My most favorite use of Twitter is the real-time element, gathering a lot of great resources and interacting with “followers.” I have learned a lot from Twitter on new media and how to write more succinctly in 140 character or less! I use Twitter to gather and spread information that is important to me and hopefully useful to my people. The more people I meet IRL,  the better. I have been a little shy talking to people here but I’m working on it!

Running Training LogDaily Mile

Daily Mile is where I go next, hopefully to post a run! I have a hodge podge of peeps here, all people I enjoy following but have not necessarily met. There is limited interaction and of course it all has to do with running. There is a local group that meets once a month and I’m looking forward to joining them for evening runs. Daily Mile is the place to encourage and be encouraged in daily struggles with fitness goals! And it’s a great way to track your progress.

Google Reader

If I really have some time on my hands I will go to my reader looking for recent blog posts on social media, marketing, running, Catholic Church and writing. I am looking to stay on top of what is the latest and greatest, blog ideas and things to tweet. I love, love Reader but haven’t spent much time on it. I don’t share or follow people. I didn’t even know it was possible until my daily mile (Dave C) and twitter friend @davecriswell posted something about sharing on Reader. I use delicious to tag articles to my reader.

How are you organizing your social? I would love to hear which sites you can’t live without. Leave a comment below!


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. Sounds a lot like me, Anj! Only I have yet to get with Google – no gmail. I also haven’t decided between HootSuite and TweetDeck. I have looked at both and just open Twitter for now.

    I am going to blog more about Twitter and social media this coming week … I think.

    • Nicki, I rarely go to TweetDeck and HootSuite are far superior. I like them both but tend to gravitate towards Tweet Deck. As much of a user as you are, you should check them out, you’ll be so happy you did.

      • From what I can gather, HootSuite is web-based so probably my choice as I bounce between a shared with the kids desktop and my laptop. It’s on the list…I swear! LOL!

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