Daily Mile

Daily Mile

This is one website I think about every day. I really hate it when I don’t have anything to post on this site because that  means I didn’t work out. Daily Mile is awesome if you do any kind of exercise because it lets you track biking, spinning, weight lifting, swimming, walking, elliptical, rowing, rock climbing and running.

I love it for several reasons:

Daily Mile automatically updates my facebook and twitter page. Although I know this must really annoy some facebook friends and some social media purists, it has helped increase my tweets number and I like to think it has encouraged a few people to get active.

Daily Mile keeps track of my miles by the week, month and year and calories burned. It also can be my most un-favorite part because my posts have been too few and far between lately.  As you can see from this picture I am looking at 9 miles tomorrow to make my goal of running 20 miles a week. Last chance workout!

Using Google maps, I map my course either before my run to plan my trip or after to see how far I ran. It’s very accurate and even has some city trails that I can’t track with my car. You can also find other people’s courses that they have mapped out. I don’t save any of my maps because that could get a little creepy and I don’t recommend women advertise the courses they run any where on the internet.

Daily Mile is social! It is tracking my total miles since I joined and shows my goal of running the Cleveland Experience Rite Aid Half Marathon in May.

You can comment on friends’ posts by sending motivation or leaving comments. I find the people on Daily Mile to be so encouraging and supportive of one another. I like the localness of it and plan on attending a Daily Mile meetup. The best thing about Daily Mile is how it motivates me to do something so I can post a workout.

If there is a best, there has to be a worst and the worst is the Leader Board when I’m not even on it!


About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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  1. I LOVE the dailymile. I use to it track all of my runs and keep up with my runner friends. It’s definitely an awesome motivation tool.

  2. I have loved Dailymile ever since you turned me on to it. It is by far the best ‘running log’ I have ever used and yes, it can be motivating. My motivation was just stoked when I saw myself at the bottom of your leaderboard in this post – LOL! I will show them though – I am heading out for a 20 miler this morning.

    See you on your leaderboard!

  3. Love that you convinced me to try Daily Mile, Anj. It is fantastic. I have used others but the interaction/social aspect is not there at all.


  4. LOVE DM! And you could have cliped a leaderboard where I was actually on there!!! Jassnight and Niki ya’ll are always at the top of mine!

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