24/7 Education

My son has brought home a baby for his Child Development class for the weekend. A 24/7 real life education. The baby’s name is Angela and is not as bad as the Seinfeld Ugly Baby but not a cute baby either! Pictures tomorrow, I don’t want to wake a sleeping baby!

Angela is a Real Care baby by Realityworks, Inc.

During a simulation, Baby cries to be cared for as a real infant would. The participant must determine what Baby needs and respond in a timely manner. Baby must be fed, burped, rocked and diapered around the clock.

Unique, wireless IDs are worn by the caregiver and Baby will only recognize the person responsible for its care. Optional “babysitter” IDs are available (I did not sign up for the babysitter ID!) and used at the discretion of the instructor. This ensures that only the assigned participant(s) responds to RealCare® Baby, and that the results accurately represent their performance.

Baby tracks its care (rocking, diapering, feeding, burping) and safe handling. Detailed data can be downloaded after the simulation, including exact times of missed care events, and specific mishandling—Shaken Baby, head support failure, wrong positioning and rough handling.

He came home from school like a grumpy guy who is stuck with the kids for the weekend. The baby started crying and cut  his shower short, it cried during his dinner and it’s crying now during a movie with his friends. Such is the life of a young father!

G’ma is going to bed now and will be turning off the intercom so not to distburb my peaceful sleep tonight!

Baby’s crying again…


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  1. Okay, this actually made me laugh out loud!

  2. Watching your tweets since the baby arrived has been fun. Keep us informed. Hope you are getting some sleep 🙂

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