Facebook Places Privacy Settings

As I was taking pictures with my new Android phone this week, I noticed it attached location information to my pictures. I didn’t think much of it until the recent release of Facebook Places.

Facebook Places is similar to Four Square. It is a way for you and your friends to “check in” at any location. Facebook assumes everyone would like to play and you are knowingly or unknowingly playing their location game unless you wish to opt out.

If you take pictures with your smart phone, there is likely GPS information attached to it unless you’ve changed your settings. I can’t tell you how to do that because I’ve had a smart phone for 2 whole days and I don’t know how to change my own settings yet!

But I did change my settings in facebook and here is how if you prefer to keep your location private:

First go to: Account>Privacy Settings>Customize Settings

Under “Things I share” go to: “places I check in to” and choose your setting. I chose “Only Me”

Below that is “Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in” Here is the example:

Choose whether you enable or not. If you enable and post from your smart phone, your friends will be able to find you.

Next choose “Edit Album Privacy” for existing photos. I understand this to  mean if you have posted pictures from your smart phone with GPS info attached, you may want to adjust your privacy settings here too.

Your friends can also share your location so you have to adjust that setting by going to:

Account>Privacy Setting>Edit Your Settings

Go through all of these settings but in reference to Places:

Choose and save your preferences


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