Attention All Curly Heads

A Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Review

LOVE. And as my friend said, “I don’t care if the FDA bans it, I will travel to Brazil if I have to!”

It’s true, there are discussions on the health risks of the treatment for the stylist and consumer. There are risks to EVERYTHING and so I will take my chances for smooth, straight hair.

I had my first treatment last July at  Tanas Hair Designs with Ashley. There are rules you must take seriously if you are going to invest in the Brazilian:

  1. No pony tails, headbands etc.
  2. No washing your hair for 4 solid days. Translation:
  • You cannot exercise unless you don’t sweat. And if you don’t sweat, what’s the point?
  • You must have an umbrella with you at all time.
  • You must invest $1 into a shower cap.
  • Empty your social calendar by day 2 because the hairs are nasty.

After my first treatment, I was willing to follow the rules and then company showed up with kids who want to swim at the pool. Trying not to sweat in the south, in July, is nearly impossible unless you are sitting in your refrigerator. Sweat was unavoidable for me and I think the result of my Brazilian suffered.

I planned in advance for my second treatment. I ran 20 miles in the days leading up to my appointment and was mentally prepared to take 4 days off of running. Ashley had a vacuum sucking the air in for protection.  The fumes are much less toxic smelling than perms (do people still get perms?) and they don’t bother me or Ashley. It takes 2 hours to do my hair because I have a lot of it.  Today, I ran 4 miles, dried my hair in 5 minutes and flat ironed it in about the same amount of time.

That is worth a trip to Brazil if necessary!


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Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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