Big Muddy Challenge


At one time I thought it would be fun to do a mud run. I have one thrill seeking friend who almost had me talked in to it. She was to do a Warrior Dash with her husband and son and it sounded like a frolicking good time. That is until their pictures were posted on Facebook. Blood trickling down her husband’s bald head and mud one inch thick caked in his ear. Her son was equally beat up and couldn’t see because his contacts were rolling in the back if his head. Maybe became NO with this single picture.


But along comes Big Muddy. Surely I could do a race built for the 5-12 year old crowd. Reluctantly, I signed up myself and my ten year old. We did it; went through mud, disgusting blue pond and some more mud and more mud. “It was the best day of my life and the day Dad took me go-karting-two best days,” said the most politically correct 10 year old I have ever known.



About Anjanette Wiley

Runner, Co-founder @RiverRunClub, vegetarian, being ladylike is not my forte.

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