May 2014 Black Mountain Monster

Black Mountain Monster 12 Hour Race of Awesome

The 12 hours of running a 3.1 mile loop that I looked forward to and feared. Just look at the logo!


With a fun group of local running friends, we set out to Black Mountain on Friday. Our group arrived pretty early and were able to set up camp near each other. Did I mention I’m not a camper and have a diagnosed aversion to cold and wet weather?
Mattresses go camping
Black Mountain Monster had all of that and more. I knew sleeping would not be the best but I was sleeping on mattresses in a tent the size of a small bedroom but none of us were prepared for what came through around midnight.


photo courtesy of Race of Awesome

And 2 am. And 4 am? It turned out to be a cruddy, wet, cold sleepless night. The race began at 10 am and my goal was to get to 31 miles or 10 pm whichever came first.

The day turned out to be fabulous, sunny and cool temperatures. I immediately noticed that as soon as we began to ascend, everyone around me walked up hill. Every hill, no matter how small. Ok, do like ultra runners do! I was not one to buck the system, and followed along. Every 3 miles, I was back at camp eating and drinking with friends. The atmosphere was relaxed and festive.

I began to tire around 30 miles. Most of my friends were now eating and drinking; it made running by them every 3 miles very difficult to keep going. FOMO! One friend was till running but we were on opposite sides of the loop and I couldn’t find him. Until I did. At mile 37. Found at the campsite eating the biggest, juiciest looking cheeseburger I had ever seen. I had to go for an even number so around I went again for a 40. My Garmin died at the 24 mile mark. I quit close to 8pm just before it got really dark.

The rest of the night was spent eating, drinking and cheering on the 24 hour runners who we simply inspiring!


I will run Black Mountain Monster in 2015 and my goal will be 50 miles. 
Medoc Mountain Ultra: 40 miles, 10:15,


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