13.1 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I went to Ohio University in Athens after Matt Lauer and Nancy Cartwright.
  2. I moved to Raleigh, sight unseen without a  job. It was listed in Business Week’s Best Places to Live; I believed them and still do.
  3. Flying moths the size of 3 years olds make me scream like a girl.
  4. The smell of wet peanut butter makes me gag. ( You know, like on a knife in the sink waiting to be cleaned?)
  5. I will not walk on OP (other people’s) carpet in my bare feet; I’m just starting to be o.k with socks. Baby steps.
  6. I am the food, personal hygiene and exercise police of my domain.
  7. Hotels skeeve me out;  drinking excessively is the only way I get to sleep.
  8. I get horribly car sick but never want to drive so I can text or sleep.
  9. I don’t know how to burp, which did not serve my college days well so I switched to vodka.
  10. I am Twittering, Facebooking and blogging (not really) and I’m not selling anything.
  11. I don’t fear learning.
  12. I have fierce human behavior intuitive skills and I listen to them. Usually.
  13. I would not BE without running.

.1   I am looking for a job in Communications. working in communications!

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