8 month Shaklee check up

As I was checking out of BJ’s, the elderly cashier said, “Shaklee?” Is that the same company from a long time ago?” I replied, “Yes, they’re making a come back!” Looking at my cart, he said I must be successful at it. Not really, I just have a lot of boys and hadn’t shopped for awhile! I realized, I’m starting to feel bad about not sharing Shaklee enough. I’m keeping all the goodness for myself.

I believe in the product:  Shaklee has been around-100 years. It is not a fad or trend. The products are pure, natural, rigorously tested, top quality and they work.

This is happening 2016

This is happening 2016

It’s been 8 full months that I’ve been using the shakes as meal replacements and the Vitalizer vitamins. I can say that I have never felt better in terms of energy, mental sharpness, and weight maintenance. I’ve also found that I’m drinking less coffee; from 4-5 down to 2. No need for afternoon coffee. I’m sleeping better, on track to running more miles this year than ever before and legs feel super for the upcoming fall race season.

Two of my boys are drinking the shakes for breakfast. I’m hoping to see changes in their attention to detail and ultimately grades. The superior nutrition is really the key to Shaklee 180 and vitamins besides weight loss. Yes, weight and fat loss are highly likely but energy and mental sharpness is where the real pay off lies. I think many weight problems are nutrition problems. Poor nutrition leads to poor energy, poor energy leads to a sedentary lifestyle.

Krispy Kreme balanced with vitamin strip. Excellent compromise.

Krispy Kreme balanced with vitamin strip. Excellent compromise.

The things I love the most about program:

  • Not having to think about what to eat.
  • Not having to count calories
  • Not having to food journal
  • Not having to bring lunch to work: I bought a Magic Bullet for the office and leave a can of Shaklee, frozen fruit and Silk 30 calorie milk at the office.
  • It keeps me full between meals
  • It tastes great

Remember Shaklee from back in the day?

I remember the cleaning products and Shaklee being at the very beginning of the “green” movement. Well, they have a lot more than cleaning products!


Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy Kit

My sister-in-law finally talked me in to trying the shakes to lose weight. I didn’t believe that: 1. they would work for me-I run a zillion miles a week and don’t lose weight anymore and 2. it’s not a sustainable model. I can’t drink shakes for the rest of my life. The promise of increased energy kept coming back to me so I decided to try a couple of the products.

The most exciting change I’ve seen since I began using Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy, Vitalizer vitamins is a marked change in my energy level. As a vegetarian and someone who takes nutrition seriously, I thought I was getting enough essential vitamins with my diet. I found out, I was wrong. I felt good before and now I feel amazing. Most notable in terms of increased energy. I don’t need as many cups of coffee in the morning and its no longer essential to my afternoons!

In addition to nutrition, I manage my weight with running. I’m often training for races and therefore running a lot of miles each week. Burning hundreds of calories a week wasn’t enough to drop the last five pounds I was looking to lose which is why I chose the Shakleee lifestyle. It has helped me lose a few pounds and even more inches.

92 gold medals have been won by Shaklee powered world class athletes.

Admittedly, I am not religious about 2 shakes a day; sometimes it just doesn’t work for me; but I always start my day the Shaklee way and drink a breakfast shake. I am consistent with the vitamins. They have made a significant impact on my energy, appetite and the way I feel over all. Since beginning the Shaklee products in January 2015, I have lost 5 pounds and in inches:

Bust: 1″ (the most unfortunate loss for me!)

Waist: 1 3/4″

Hips and Hiney: 1 1/4″

Thunder Thighs: 1″

These small changes have allowed my clothes to feel and fit better!

If you’re interested in learning more go to my website, Running Your Health, read about it and let me know if you would like samples or to discuss ways to help you feel your best!
Running is my moving mantra. I use this passion to support others on their path to knowing and loving themselves through physical fitness, nutrition and social connection.

  1. What a great share Anjanette. You are right, Shaklee is too amazing not to share with everyone, because everyone truly needs the gift of Shaklee. 😉

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